Introducing Pinch

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Say Hi to Pinch

Here at Pinch we’ve been working on something awesome:
a multi-track video editor build specifically for iOS devices.
We are thrilled to finally launch Pinch.

Drag and Drop to Build your Movie

Now professional and creative movie making is as easy as drag and drop – when Pinch brings the power of multi-track video editing to your iPad and iPhone.

Combine Clips from Different Devices

With iOS 11 you can store media in the cloud and combine recordings from your camera roll with material from external devices.

Cut, Trim and Rearrange

Shape the building blocks of your story with the tip of your finger. Pinch even lets you edit audio like a pro: turn sound levels up or down, fade in and out or add sound effects and music from the build in library.

Add Music and Sound Effects

Choose a soundtrack for your movie from a library of tunes and breakers.

Add a Pinch of Magic

Make your movie look just perfect using the build in filters or get creative with the color grading tools. Add a pinch of magic with special effects and top it off with titles, text overlays and graphics.

Sharing is Easy

Export your movie to the camera roll or share it directly to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or Vimeo

Try Pinch for free

You can try out all features in Pinch for free – if you’re happy with your movie pay with credits to export

What's Next?

Our aim is to build a professional video editing tool that truly matches the capabilities of touch screens and cloud technology. We’re just at the beginning –  and we have a lot of development ahead of us. 
Here are some specific things we’re really excited about:

Cloud Collaboration

Bring your team together to collaborate on a project.

Open Projects

Let others use your timeline as a template for their own movie.

Pinch Social

A platform to showcase your best work and follow those who inspire you.

More Magic Powers

Pinch will be loaded with new effects and cool stuff to add that extra pinch of awesome.


Breathe life into every filter and effect with keyframe animation and motion tracking.

Pinch Lite

Make movies at the speed of fun – Pinch Lite is perfect for messaging and social media.

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Enter Film School – Let's Get You Started!

With Pinch visual storytelling is as easy as drag & drop, pinch & swipe. Dive into the tutorials to get started. Happy pinchin’!

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